Basic Obedience

•including alternate commands
  • 6 sessions - $500


New Pack Introduction

•selecting a puppy or welcoming a rescue •imprinting behavior

  • 1 time visit - $150

Behavior Consultation

  • 1 time visit - $200

Alpha Package

I Train, You Maintain

8 sessions - $850  

(All packages subject to travel charge if located + 20 miles outside Chicagoland area)

Learn to communicate with your dog through “Pack Mentality”. This establishes you as the leader and the dog as the follower, and they will feel more content and secure within their role in your pack. Keeping both mind and body busy are keys to enjoying your new best friend. Training should be a part of everyday life.

While utilizing your dog's natural instincts, I found a unique way to give you the opportunity to see the world through your dog's eyes.

Custom training to fit your special needs is also available.